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Virtual ISP / vISP Dial-Up Locations

Why does Alliance Solutions offer so many dial-up locations?

No one wants to pay long distance fees to dial up the internet, especially as much time as people spend on the internet today. So a very critical component for a virtual ISP to become successful is to have local dial-up locations wherever someone wants to sign up.

Every vISP Provider offers dial-up locations in the metropolitan areas where there is a high population density and these locations cost the vISP Provider the least. As a result, there is much competition from AOL, MSN Earthlink, (who each have less than 10,000 local numbers nationwide) regional ISPs, virtual ISPs and broadband in these areas.

Yet, the greatest opportunity for virtual ISPs offering dial-up access is in the really rural areas where broadband is not available and there is very little competition - in communities not serviced by AOL, MSN and Earthlink. A very critical part of being the highest quality vISP Provider in the industry, is to provide dial-up locations where others do not, even though these location are much more costly to us than the metropolitan locations. So we partner with all of the large network providers and many small regional networks resulting in well over 35,000 unique numbers. To view our phonebook, click here.

In addition to covering rural areas like no other vISP Provider, having many networks means that most of your subscribers have many numbers from various networks from which to choose . Should a local number of one network provider go down, rather than not being able to gain access to the Internet, a subscriber can simply change to another network's local number. We believe this is part of offering the subscriber superior quality service.

A Side Note About Locations:
There is a big difference between a vISP Provider offering a number of "unique locations" and another offering a number of "unique numbers."

  • Unique Locations - A vISP Provider that offers a specific number of "unique locations" takes each number and then lists every city or community that can call this number without incurring a charge. This means that many locations use the same number. So the number of "unique numbers" offered by the vISP Provider are far less. One network provider offered Alliance over 50,000 unique locations. After deleting duplicate phone numbers, the list was less than 6,000 numbers.
  • Unique Numbers - A vISP Provider that offers a specific number of "unique numbers" actually is offering several times that number in "unique locations." The Alliance ISP Solution includes well over 35,000 "unique numbers."

A Side Note About Networks:
Many vISP Providers offering multiple networks require the subscriber to use only the network on which they initially logged in. The reason for this is because they buy access from the network provider on a "per user" basis. If the subscriber logs in to more than one network, the vISP Provider's monthly cost for that subscriber increases by each networked accessed. In other words, by letting subscribers use multiple networks, they can pay for that subscriber several times in the same month.

Larger vISP Providers buy access "by the hour" and play the averages. However, by buying by the hour, it does not matter what network the subscriber uses. Alliance Solutions buys access from the network providers "by the hour." So when a subscriber travels they can use any number in our phonebook. Would you expect anything less from a high quality vISP Provider?



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