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Virtual ISP / vISP Wholesale Costs

What are the wholesale costs associated with the Alliance ISP Solution virtual ISP success system?

The Alliance ISP Solution is a very high quality, completely branded, turnkey virtual ISP success system with many unique features and benefits not offered by other vISP Providers.  Although much of our success system is copyrighted, there are certain facets of knowledge and ideas that cannot be copyrighted.  We want our virtual ISPs to have an unfair competitive advantage and as such, we do not want our competition to learn what we give our virtual ISPs. In addition, the wholesale costs will have no meaning without understanding exactly what you will receive your money. So we have written a complete proposal that explains all of the features and details the pricing.

However, we only share this info with those that promise to not share it with our competition. This promise is formalized through the execution of an online mutual non-disclosure agreement located at Once you have submitted the agreement we will receive a copy and immediately send you our proposal.

What we can share with you now is that our pricing is "all inclusive". There are many additional charges that other vISP Provider charge their virtual ISPs (even if they don't mention them in advance) that we have built into our "all inclusive per user" monthly cost. As a result, our pricing may "appear" to be higher than our competition. However, when you add up all of the "hidden" or less-than-obvious charges by our competition, our pricing becomes a real bargain. Our "all inclusive" pricing is also a valuable financial management tool to be able to decisively plan expenses month to month - no ugly surprises ever!

What are these hidden costs?
There are many... here are just a few:

  • Some vISP Providers charge for a one time fee for each new subscriber that signs up, especially if provisioning is done manually or the subscriber called in to sign up. We do not charge a new subscriber set-up fee.
  • Some charge a fee of $100, $250, $500 each time the vISP Provider (in their own opinion) feels that a subscriber has spammed. These fees can easily total far more than the virtual ISP's earnings. Our system will not allow subscribers to spam.

  • Some charge their virtual ISPs a licensing fee each time a subscriber uses a sign-up CD. We do not.

  • Some vISP Providers charge for the long distance used by the toll free number to the support center. We do not.

  • Some charge a lower price for access and then a per-minute charge (as high as 99/minute for support. Considering the average support call is 20 minutes, this can add up very quickly. All costs for sales, billing and technical support are included in our "per user" cost.

  • Some charge their virtual ISPs as much as $40 each time a subscriber contests a charge on their credit card. We do all we can to avoid a chargeback and if we fail, the cost is only $15.

  • Some vISP Providers charge to host the virtual ISP's website and when your subscribers increase and the bandwidth increases, the virtual ISP is charged additional costs.

  • Some charge for making needed changes on your site. We make it easy for you to make your own changes.

  • Some vISP Providers Charge for creating new rate plans or special promotional codes. We do not.

  • Some charge for software upgrades. We give you free upgrades for life!

The list can go on but the point to take away from this is that the closer you compare us to our competition, the greater value you will find with the Alliance ISP Solution.



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