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Survey Results

The Results Are In...

In a recent survey of virtual ISPs or VISPs, they were asked to rate their provider in three categories. The results are in and we would like to share what our virtual ISP or VISP partners felt about Alliance Solutions:


1. After partnering with your VISP provider, how did they meet your expectations?


a. Received more than expected

  b. Received as expected 0%
  c. Received less than expected 0%
2. What is your satisfaction level with your VISP provider as it relates to their software/program?

a. Exceptional

  b. Above average 14%
  c. Average 0%
  d. Below average 0%
  e. Poor 0%
3. What is your satisfaction level with the support you receive from your VISP provider?

a. Exceptional

  b. Above average 29%
  c. Average 0%
  d. Below average 0%
  e. Poor 0%

This means that 100% of our VISP Partners surveyed rated us above average to exceptional in all three areas! We believe there are several reasons for our survey results. First, we use a very soft sales approach going out of our way to under promise and over deliver. Second, we have created a turnkey virtual ISP success system that rivals that of the "big boys" and allows our virtual ISP partners to successfully compete with the likes of AOL, MSN and Earthlink (see VISP Program Features). Third, we don't just make a sale. We partner with and support our VISP Partners like our success depends on it because it does.

Read what the industry and our virtual ISP say about us!

While conducting due diligence on all VISP providers with which you are considering partnering, it is important to note that many of our virtual ISP Partners previously partnered with one or more of the low-end providers prior to moving their subscriber base to Alliance Solutions. Yet, not a single Alliance VISP Partner has ever moved their subscribers to another provider.

You drive your marketing strategy.
We'll do the rest.

Learn More About the ISP Business

If you would like more information about our Alliance ISP Solution, virtual ISP or vISP success system , simply click on  "INFORMATION"  to request it. Our "Auto-Reply" feature will have the information back to you within seconds. You'll be glad you did!

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