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Internet Access Speed

What speed can my subscribers expect with your service?

All of our dial-up locations are filled with quality 56k modem banks. Most are v.92 but UUNet is still v.90. In addition, our PurSpeed web accelerator increases that speed by 300%-800% depending on the specific website. However, there are many things that affect the actual speed any given subscriber will receive.

First, the subscriber's computer plays a role. The amount of ram, the amount of cache, the processing speed and the settings of their computer, all affect the actual speed they will receive.

Second. the speed of their modem plays an important role. No matter how fast our modems may be, the subscriber is limited by the speed of their modem. If they have an older slower modem, they will experience slower speeds.

Third, the signal power through the telephone wiring in the house and between the computer and the wall can affect the actual speed. Old wiring or the use of a splitter (where computer and phone share the same line to the wall) can decrease the signal power and slow the actual speed the subscriber will experience.

Fourth, the quality of the telephone lines between the subscriber's computer and our dial-up location play a role in the speed the subscriber will experience. If the lines are "dirty" or if the Telephone Company has "muxed" (MUltipleXED) the lines as they sometimes do in high growth areas, speeds can be somewhat slower.

Most of these things are out of our control or the control of our network partners. But our call center can and will help your subscribers with their setting so they can get the highest speed possible given their particular situation.

In addition, whatever standard speed your subscriber receives, our PurSpeed web accelerator increases that speed by 300%-800% depending on the specific website.



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