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The Internet Opportunity

Each year, more than 20 million new subscribers purchase dial-up Internet service. Poor customer service ratings by the largest ISPs account for approximately 30% of the overall churn rate. This represents more than 75 million subscribers who signed up for dial-up Internet Service with a new ISP in 2002.

Online Subscriptions
(May 2002)

World Total 580.78 million
Africa 6.31 million
Asia/Pacific 167.86 million
Europe 185.83 million
Middle East 5.12 million
Canada & USA 182.67 million
Latin America
32.99 million

Growth in dial-up internet access subscribers has been phenomenal, even surpassing that of telephone, cable TV, computers and cellular telephones. The table below demonstrates this phenomenon.

Subscriber Growth
(United States)

Jan. 02 164,140,000 58.50%
Jan. 00 122,800,000 45.04%
Jan. 99 79,400,000 29.30%
Jan. 98 59,000,000 22.00%
Source: NielsenNet Ratings

The bottom line? Millions of people are looking for a new ISP every month!

Securing just 2,500 of these potential subscribers equates to almost $600,000/year in revenue by charging just $19.95/month for dial-up access. This does not include the additional revenue from things like domain registration and hosting.

What other business can you think of where it costs less than $25 to secure a subscriber, you can enjoy a gross profit margin of $8+ on each subscriber every single month and then when you have built a subscriber base of 2,500 or more, you can sell your business for $500 per subscriber? You do the math... that's $500 multiplied by 2,500 subscribers equaling $1,2500,000! Not bad, considering all you need do is the marketing.

Don't let this opportunity pass you by!


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