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Thinking Of Becoming A VISP?

Interesting Things To Consider
Fact vs. Fiction

The virtual ISP or vISP always owns the subscriber regardless of which provider they use. Fact or fiction?

Nothing is further from the truth. Many providers, particularly affinity-class providers, do not pass ownership to the virtual ISP or vISP. Why is this important?

The subscriber base a virtual ISP or vISP grows is an asset of value. Depending on the size of the subscriber base and the amount of ARPU (average revenue per user) the value can be as high as $500/subscriber and more. See page 22 of "ISP Marketing Survival Guide" by Christopher M. Knight.

By partnering with a provider that passes subscriber ownership to the vISP, you can enjoy a monthly revenue stream and then sell your subscriber base at some point in time for a second windfall of revenue.

Alliance Solutions, through its Alliance ISP Solution virtual ISP or vISP program, passes ownership to their Alliance vISP Partners.

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