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Domain Registration & Hosting

Although Networks Solutions still charges $70 for registering a domain name for two years, they no longer have a monopoly. Now you can now offer domain registration under your own brand. Our low Alliance Partners wholesale price (as low as $4.00/year with tons of free goodies) allows you to offer a substantial discount and still make an attractive margin.

As part of the Alliance Domain Registration & Hosting program, you can offer hosting with automatic sign-up and provisioning and give surfers yet another reason to visit your site. Our low Alliance Partners wholesale prices (as low as $3.25/month) allow you to offer a substantial discount and still enjoy an attractive margin.

To see what your site will look like, visit our demo site.

This is a great revenue-generating add-on for ISPs and web designers.

Why not increase traffic to your site as well as increased revenue by offering domain registration and hosting from your site? You can by contacting Alliance Solutions.

Leverage Our Assets, Realize Your Vision.

If you would like more information on our Alliance Domain Registration & Hosting services, simply click on "INFORMATION" to request it. Our "Auto-Reply" feature will have the information back to you within seconds.

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