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Alliance ISP Solution Online Presentation

Seeing Is Believing!

Our Alliance ISP Solution is truly so unique that there is absolutely nothing like it within the industry. We don't expect you to take our word for it. We would like for you to see it first hand. So we have created an online presentation to provide you with firsthand knowledge of our revolutionary new vISP success system. You will see software that will not be available elsewhere for months or years to come due to our head start. It took many programmers many months to complete this project and it cost us far more than you would ever imagine. If you are like most of our vISP prospects, you will be truly amazed at what you are about to see.

Please keep in mind, that this presentation was made many months ago and we have made many enhancements since we created it. We now have the largest network footprint in America with more than 35,000 unique numbers (far more than AOL, MSN and Earthlink combined). You will also notice by reading our proposal that we have added many new features since this demonstration video was made. Nonetheless it will still give you a good idea of the power of our program.

We have divided our program into four modules. We make the first module available to the general public because they can figure it out by signing up for an access account with any of our virtual ISPs. The last three modules are only available through a secured, password protected site where we give you access once you have completed our mutual non-disclosure agreement (NDA) at

  • Alliance Portal Pro from the vISP's Prospective (this shows the control the vISP has over their portal and their business)
    Available With NDA
  • Alliance Internet Control Panel (this shows the back office and billing system and the control the vISP has over their business)
    Available With NDA
  • Alliance Marketing Tools (this shows the many marketing tools that are available to our vISPs to enhance their success)
    Available With NDA

Note: Although you should have no problems viewing our streaming video presentation over broadband, streaming video does not always work well with some dial-up access. Should you experience any problems, just let us know and with an executed NDA, we will send you a CD containing all four modules.



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